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Rush sailing in SW Grenada

The Rush 10  concept was born in the Mediterranean out of tourist demand  for a performance sailing alternative to the high payload day-charter-Catamarans or hugely expensive private charter yachts. In short - fast, fun, beach launched and affordable. 

Carrying 10 passengers at speeds over 20 knots in a few feet of water– the RUSH  is the first Day Sailing Catamaran that offers speed and excitement in a spacious, safe and comfortable platform.   

Our sailing excursions in Grenada are especially designed to appeal to the discerning passengers who are keen to experience pure sailing in a beautiful Caribbean environment without constant pop music and free alcohol plied to excess on most excursion boats.   

Sailing at high speeds the Rush can cover twice the distance of other excursion sailing boats which allows Short 2.5 hr/3hr trips ideal for visiting cruise ship passengers.   

The Rush is about the joy of fast, fun sailing and the Caribbean marine environment.

Welcome aboard the RUSH 10!

Whether you decide to have a relaxed and private afternoon trip with only two aboard heading towards a tranquil beach - or you are planning a day out with a party of friends and trim the RUSH 10 to its breathtaking 23 knots of top speed – or you choose to set up your own profitable day charter business - there is no other boat in the world that gives such an broad range of benefits to it’s owner.  

When designing the RUSH 10 we wanted to create something that really makes a difference: something new and fresh – something that is more exciting for its owner:  

•       The RUSH 10 is the first Day Sailing Catamaran that carries 12 passengers at speeds up to 23 knots – the RUSH 10 offers speed and excitement without the trade off of comfort, space and safety.  

•      The RUSH 10 is the first Day Charter Sailing Catamaran specifically conceived for hotels, beach concession operators and day charter providers - while supporting the overwhelming trend towards quality tourism and activity outdoor holidays worldwide.  

Click here to find information about the RUSH 10, the design concept and the specifications.

Rush 10 Specs

“The Rush was designed to be something that really makes a difference in day sailing: something new and fresh – for the joy of sailing and the environment, something that is pure yet more fun and more versatile.”

Sailing at more than 23 knots, the RUSH 10 is designed to combine sailing performance with simplicity and beach-ability. The perfectly distributed exceptionally low 1.380 kg make the RUSH unbelievably responsive and a pure pleasure to sail and steer. Without the hassle of dagger boards and only 60 cm of draft it can be handled like a dinghy at the beach while providing the most stable sailing platform you ever have experienced.  
The RUSH 10 is not only perfect for sailing schools but is also ideal for a commercial day sailing charter business. The Rush 10 can collect paying charter passengers right off the beach then be left on a mooring when not in use. With only 12 passengers needed to fill the boat and operating costs near zero operators in the Balearics have proven that income from charters can return the investment in only 10 months of operation.  

Visit us in Mallorca and learn more about the RUSH concept! Your RUSH CATAMARANS Team.

Company profile

Chris Long, founder and director of DYS Marine, realised in 1995 the opportunities for large day-sailing charter catamarans in the Balearic Islands and started this fast growing and popular marine excursion. Chris conceived and instigated the designs for large day charter sailing cats and built and operated two Suncat 60s and one Suncat 50 capable of carrying 80 passengers each, which are still operating today.  

Market research feedback from the many thousands of Suncat clients confirmed the need for a high performance, light weight, beach launched catamaran for operation close to the tourist beaches yet independent of marinas. This and supporting the fast growing trend towards more individual quality tourism and activity holidays.  

The RUSH 10 was conceived and designed during 2002. Mallorca provided the ideal environment to test both, commercial income potential in a tourist environment as well as design – both exceeded expectations: the RUSH 10 proved to be not only a pure pleasure to sail, exciting and very fast for private owners and enthusiasts. Commercially successful for operators in Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, Greece, Turkey and UK.   

The RUSH 10 has been developed and is being manufactured by DYS Marine S.L. at their premises in Mallorca / Spain. The company applies modern production technologies and uses latest materials such as vinylester resins to ensure both, endurance and ultra-light-weight construction. The Rush 10 is complemented by quality deck gear sails and sail handling equipment from selected leading manufacturers.

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Our base is in the Carenage in the historic port of St George’s, Grenada. We organise scheduled and private trips on our 2 Rush 10 Catamarans. 
Our Rush 10’s are also part of a fleet that provides eco-friendly  transport of award-winning organic chocolate for the Grenada Chocolate Company to the Caribbean islands and beyond.

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