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A passion for sailing

Chris Long, the designer and builder of the Rush 10 Performance Day Charter Catamaran, has a passion for sailing and the sea. It has taken him all over the world in yachts of numerous types. 

From racing dinghies and ocean cruisers internationally, Chris has spent many years as a professional Captain delivering yachts of all types, both power and sail, up to 50 meters, including several he built himself. 

While living in the Balearic Islands he built and operated three 80 passenger sailing Catamarans –the first ever sailing day charter catamarans to service this dynamic and popular tourist destination.

The demands of competitive mass tourist industry meant that the real joys of sailing were subdued by commercial necessity which translated into the ubiquitous catamaran day trips available in almost every tourist destination worldwide today. 

Dissatisfied with this stereotyped business, Chris decided to produce a tourist sailing excursion that was essentially the opposite of what is now an industry norm. So the Rush 10 was born to provide pure fast fun sailing for small groups of discerning people who would appreciate the joys of sailing without the 'essential' trappings demanded by the industry.

Twelve Rush 10 Catamarans were subsequently built and sold throughout the Mediterranean for commercial operation and private use. In search of the best sailing conditions for the RUSH 10 CATAMARANS, Chris with his wife Karen and son Alex set off on his 14th transatlantic voyage to the Caribbean to choose an Island base for the Rush excursions. He finally decided that Grenada with her unspoilt waters and reliable trade winds would be ideal and is now operating two Rush Cats out of St George’s the historic capital.
Joined in Grenada by a team of experienced local sailors, the two Rush cats sail regularly catering for residents, hotel occupants and cruise ship visitors as well as providing sustainable eco friendly shipping for the Grenada Chocolate company.

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Our base is in the Carenage in the historic port of St George’s, Grenada. We organise scheduled and private trips on our 2 Rush 10 Catamarans. 
Our Rush 10’s are also part of a fleet that provides eco-friendly  transport of award-winning organic chocolate for the Grenada Chocolate Company to the Caribbean islands and beyond.

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